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Mandiali Church Building

Report: by Khawar Roberts

Mandiali is a village of District Narowal across the Canal named BRB Canal , around 100 Kilometers from the Main Lahore city.

Like many other villages in Pakistan Christian families live among the majority population of Muslim Community. Most of the Christian families residing in such villages earn their living by working in agriculture farms owned by the majority community. Hence these Christians miss the quality of living as well as education enjoyed by the majority class. With these poor circumstances, the Christian villagers are not able to build or maintain the church buildings.

Mandiali Christians, about 80 families, had a small mud church building to worship, which was also the main worship place for few other villages around. In late 1980’s the country had the worst flood which washed away many villages. Due to heavy rains and flood breaking the banks of the canal, the Mandiali mud-built Church was also washed away.

Young people of Naulakha Church Students” fellowship collected donations from the church members and carried a whole truck of eatables for the flood hit people of Narowal. As the fellowship people reached the village and distributed the eatable among the poor hungry people of the village, the mud built church building had been washed away like many of the mud built houses. One of the Church members accompanying the fellowship team Mr. Sadiq Masih Attwal gave the idea and took the task of re-building the House of Worship.

Hence with the encouragement of Naulakha Fellowship, assistance from many other supporting God’s people, dedication and commitment of Mr. Sadiq to see fulfillment of the vision and most of all by the loving Grace of God, Mandiali Church Building has been re-built with brick and iron. Pictures taken in August, 2011, show front view and inside of the church.

God so blessed His people of the Mandiali village that its number of families has grown to around 200 families and they have been able to build a sub-church across the other side of the canal.

Pictures taken in August, 2011.