Visit of Ross in March 2019:
Preached in Edmonton, Lahore & London Churches, Click for YouTube:

Publicly Witness: Edmonton- Selective English part of the sermon

Prayer & Fasting: Lahore- St. Mark's Church

Malta or Moab: London-Emmanuel Church Southall

Also Fellowship get-to-gather: Giving Family Look on YouTube

Fellowship Meeting 2019 Look on Vimeo

Tangible help to 8 Churches- includes, One in India, one in England & 6 in Pakistan- that includes- 2 Data Projectors, 4 Sound Mixers, and Electrical Stuff for inside Church buildings. total Rs. 4,09,000/- ;

Click the link (for Electrical part)

Also helped: Church reading Room- 49,000/-; Donations to 4 Pastors- Rs. 52,000/-; Plastic covering- Rs. 10,000/- . Total budget- Pak Rs. 5,20,000/- = CAD $ 4,950/-. Also for the cause of Physics- (to be given to students)- Rs.1,05,000/- = CAD $ 1000/-. Altogether including family help and air fare came up to CAD $10,000/-.