Visit of Ross in March 2018:
Preached in Toronto and London Churches, Click for YouTube:

Palm Sunday: Preaching in IFGF Church, Southall, London.

Palm Sunday: Preaching in Sights and Sounds Ministry, Southall, London.

Preached in 3 Churches (one sermon not recorded). Could not preach in Lahore due to my sickness. Electrical Stuff- one Church- (Rs. 1,20,000/-), Sound system- one Church (Rs. 90,000/-); Data projectors- 2 Churches (Rs.1, 37,000/-); Megaphone Project- Given 5 megaphones to 5 pastors (Rs. 12,000/-); Donations to pastors (Rs. 27,000/-); Plastic covering (Rs. 2,000/-). Total budget- Pak Rs. 3,88,000/- = CAD $ 4,300/