Reading Room Project
Books containing Bibles, hymn books, evangelical and children books.

* Gujar Khan, Pakistan
St. Thomas Church, Gujar Khan
Christian Study Centre
* Contact Person: Arshad Khurshid Masih;
Tele: 92-3005528760
* Sponsoring: Ross Nazirullah

Presbyterian Church, Gujar Khan
Reading Room
* Contact Person: Elder Mushaq Masih;
Tele: 92-3005321309
* Sponsoring: Ross Nazirullah

* Lahore, Pakistan
Assemblies of God Church (April 18, 2015)

Raza Block, Lahore.
Reading Room

All set of MIK books + some from Bible Society
* Cost Pak Rs. 25,000/-
* Financed by: Ross Nazirullah
* Contact Person: Rev. Davis Shauq
Telephone: 92-3004407679

Mobile Reading Room (March-April, 2015)
Different village Churches
* Cost Pak Rs. 1600/-
* Financed by: Fellowship members
Especially to Sunday School children ,
during visiting and taking Church meetings.

* Jalalpur Jattan, Pakistan
Mobile Reading Room (April 11, 2016)
Rashid Vickson Memorial Church, Jalalpur Jattan
* Cost Pak Rs. 1000/-
* Financed by: Ross Nazirullah
Especially to Sunday School children.
* Contact Person: Elder Talat Mahmood
Telephone: 92-346-628-5850

* Kahna Kacha, Lahore.
St. Mark's Church (March 08, 2019)
Nangar Sharif, Lahore.
Church Reading Room

Books from MIK (2 sets each book)
and CBCP (Catholic Bible Society of Pakistan)
* Cost Pak Rs. 49,000/-
* Financed by: Ross Nazirullah
* Contact Person: Rev. Tim D. Masih
Telephone: +92-331-4709632

And some other Church Reading Rooms in previous years.